beat procrastination with a

study buddy.

We help you focus for important exams. Study with a motivated partner, stay consistent, accountable and effortlessly productive. Daily.

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How it works. 



Select your test

You'll join a community of students studying for that test


Pick a recurring study slot

You'll study at this time every day. Within one week, you will have a strong routine. 



  • We'll find you a new study buddy each week so you stay accountable

  • Studying over 1 on 1 videocall improves your focus

  • Your partner is taking the same test. Feed off each other's motivation


Crush your test prep daily.

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Motivated Study Partner

Someone studying for the same test as you


Build consistency

Study at the same time, everyday. Missing 3 day in a row may get you removed

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Extreme Focus

Studying over 1-on-1 video calls helps you to just sit and focus


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